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Wicked Lovers all started here. That’s a wow for me. I didn’t have any clue when I wrote this book that it would start something much bigger. After eight novels and four novellas about these high-octane men and the daring women they risk all for, nearly 1.2 million words in the series, and multiple appearances on the New York Times and USA Today lists, I’m still in shock. I began this book as a tribute to a dear friend who is no longer with us, who impacted my life probably far more than he ever knew. But readers have touched me, too. Thank you for the emails saying that I helped you through chemo or comforted you through the death of a loved one, that something I wrote helped you understand yourself and/or your partner better, saved your relationship, or led to that great night when you conceived your child. I can’t begin to describe how humbled and grateful I am to have such amazing, caring readers. Now, I’m sitting on pins and needles as I wait for book nine (His to Take) to release. This seemed like a great time to reminisce and spread the Wicked love. I hope you’ll join me for a fun, downright sexy celebration next Thursday, 8/14 at 6pm Eastern. More details following the juicy excerpt below. If you’re new to the series, then join us and let’s get this party underway!

Wicked Ties
Wicked Lovers, Book 1

She didn’t know what she wanted until he made her beg for it...

Morgan O’Malley has seen a lot of kinky things as the hostess of a cable sex talk show. But she’s never met a man like Jack Cole before. A self-proclaimed dominant, he’s as alpha as a male can get–and good for Morgan to have around when an obsessed stalker ratchets up his attempts to get to her.

Though Jack is a bodyguard, Morgan feels anything but safe in his presence. Because slowly and seductively, Jack is bringing her deepest fantasies to the surface. And when he bends her to his will, what’s more shocking than her surrender is how much she enjoys it–and starts to crave his masterful touch. A willing player in Jack’s games, Morgan knows that his motives aren’t pure, but she has no idea how personal they are…


Someone pounded on the door. Morgan started, her heart racing. Had the shooter managed to follow her here? She cut her gaze to the window, hoping it might prove to be an escape route.

Then the door opened. Jack entered, wearing a ratty T-shirt and faded jeans, a backward baseball cap, and a false moustache.Those few external changes made him look considerably different. But she still couldn’t miss his pissed-off expression.

“Damn it, what are you two doing in here, having a slumber party?”

“Bite me, Jack. I worked as fast as I could since I need to get back to business,” Alyssa said with a smile, then kissed his cheek. “And good luck to you,” she threw back to Morgan.

Then she exited, leaving Morgan alone with Jack.

His gaze flew across the room and latched onto her. Black eyes scorched her, and a slow, sinful smile spread across his mouth. That look made her stomach clench. Quickly realizing she wore nothing but a revealing bra and thong, she glanced around for something—anything—to cover her.

She darted across the room and reached for the white satin sheet draped off the bed. Jack ripped it out of her hand.

“No time for modesty, cher,” he whispered in her ear, his voice inflected with a lilt that was decidedly Cajun French.

His body buffeted her backside, legs glancing hers, chest brushing her shoulders. The heat he gave off warmed skin she hadn’t realized was chilled. Despite his heat, goose bumps multiplied their way across her skin and a shiver ran down her spine. Her nipples made a sudden, unwelcome appearance.

She swallowed. He might be one of the good guys, but at the moment, his posture was pure predator.

“I don’t need you in here while I get dressed.”

Mais yeah, too bad for you I plan to supervise. We aren’t leaving here until I’m convinced you can pass for Alyssa.”

“I’ve been putting on my own clothes since I was three. I think I can manage alone.”

“True, but I use Alyssa as cover for cases. We walk around pretending we’re drunk on hurricanes and sex. People are used to seeing me touch her. Often. But you…” He snaked a hand around her and laid a palm flat on her belly.

She jerked and gasped when his broad hand blanketed her bare midriff, his heat seeping under her skin, insidious, unstoppable.

“You,” he murmured in her ear, “jump when I touch you. You do that in public, and people will know you’re not Alyssa.”

With every word, Jack made her more aware that he was male—all male—and she was female. He had the kind of personal power that drew her. Her stomach flipped when he spoke. Her breasts swelled. She felt jumpy, unsettled, when he stood too close. Morgan swallowed tension so thick she thought it might choke her and tried to ease away from him.

Jack didn’t budge—or let her go.

Gnashing her teeth, she said, “There must be another way out of here besides you pawing me.”

“I wouldn’t take that bet. You wanna make it out in one piece, cher, without your stalker recognizing you through your disguise, you’ve got to act right. We’ve got to look real.”

The hand on her stomach started inching slowly north.

Morgan’s brain buzzed with the intimation in his words. He would touch her out in public, where complete strangers would see. Instantly, her breasts swelled again. Moisture gathered between her legs.

This is impossible. She wasn’t into public displays. And Jack’s caveman tendencies shouldn’t be arousing her. Having such fantasies was one thing. Living them…that was completely different. Stupid to indulge, especially with a stranger.

Jack interrupted her thoughts by cradling her breast between his thumb and fingers—and continuing to inch up.

Until Morgan slapped her hand around his wrist to stop him. “I don’t believe you. You don’t need to touch me that intimately to get me out of here.”

He stopped the upward progress of his hand. “Less than an hour with me, and suddenly you’re the security expert?”

“This isn’t a game. It’s my life!”

“Exactly,” he growled into her ear. “Locals, not necessarily the trustworthy ones, will be out there tonight, seeing me with a woman they think is Alyssa. If you’re gasping and fighting and pushing every time I put a hand on you, they’ll know you’re an imposter. And if the man chasing you offers them money for information about a suspicious female…you’ll be an easy target to spot.”

And an easy one to kill. Jack didn’t say it, but he thought it. Just as Morgan did.

“Couldn’t I leave here as a bag lady or a nun or something?”

“Your gun-toting friend is going to be waiting, watching. Don’t you think the emergence of a nun from a strip club would send up a few red flags?”

He was right, damn it. She had to get a grip. If dressing like a stripper and letting a good-looking guy fondle her for a few minutes was all it took to keep her safe, she’d survive the embarrassment and the blow to her modesty.

There was just one problem: She reacted to Jack not like a decoy, but a woman. Her body heated for him with a few whispered words and a glance. Still, the embarrassment she felt for responding to him was short-lived, particularly compared to death. When this fiasco was over and she could find a new place to hide, she’d never have to see Jack Cole again or care that he knew he could arouse her.

Taking a deep breath, she let go of his wrist.

“Smart girl,” he praised.

Morgan sensed him, his watchful gaze over her shoulder as he turned his wrist until her entire breast rested in his palm. She swallowed. God, her flesh felt heavy in his hot hand. He hovered there, breath scorching the back of her neck. Tension ramped up in

her stomach…and lower, tightening with an ache she wanted to deny—and couldn’t. Her nipples hardened impossibly under his hot gaze. Morgan squeezed her eyes shut.

Then he swiped a thumb over the taut tip. Electric pleasure shimmied down her spine.

Unable to resist, she arched, pushing her breast into his hand.

“Good girl,” he muttered in her ear, then grazed the sensitive curve of her neck with his lips.

Arousal tightened again, pulsing low and hard. Her heart pounded away like a hoard of hammering carpenters. She squeezed her thighs together.

His left hand joined the right, taking possession of her other breast in a hot swarm of fingers. She didn’t jump, but fought the need to squirm, as pleasure battered her senses with the double assault. It took biting her lip to hold in her groan.

Why did her body react this way to a man she didn’t know and who practiced a sexual life she didn’t participate in?

It ceased to matter when he pinched the hard pinpoints of her nipples between his fingers, rolling them slowly with erotic patience.

Need spiked in her belly, arrowing straight down between her legs.

“Jack…” she protested.

“Shh. You’re doing fine, cher. As long as you don’t act like I’m unfamiliar, we’ll be all right.”

All right? If he did that again, she’d be melting.

He didn’t. Instead, his right hand left her breast to glide down her stomach, lower, lower, until his fingers edged underneath the damp black lace of her thong and unerringly found her swelling, hungry clit. She gasped and tightened her thighs against him. God, he’d feel how wet he made her. This was ridiculous. He wasn’t going to touch her there in public.

“Don’t do that,” he warned, withdrawing his hand. “A tensing body and outraged gasps will give you away. Relax.”

“This isn’t necessary,” she argued, her voice strained.

He snorted a cynical sound. “Spoken like a girl who’s never run from a killer. He followed us here. Did you forget?”

“No, and I’m not a girl.”

Non? Then stop responding like one. It’s going to take a damn convincing act to get out of here in one piece. I’m trying to save your life, not steal whatever virtue you might have.”

“Wouldn’t this kind of behavior simply draw attention?”

“New Orleans isn’t the only place that celebrates Mardi Gras. The sun is going down now, and the party is about to start. Being too good would make us stand out in the crowd, cher.”

He was probably right. She had to trust him. She had no reason not to, since he’d kept her alive so far. “Sorry.”

Behind her, she felt him nod. “Spread your legs.”

* * *

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Party Information

Join me Thursday, August 14 at 6PM Eastern (11PM GMT/3PM Pacific) to chat about Wicked Ties. I’ll have hot pics, cyber cocktails, and prizes! Discuss the book to win all kinds of goodies. You can find the fun by liking my Facebook page!

Hope to see you there!

Morgan Cole (Wicked Ties) Interviews Shayla!!

1548217_467339753378161_830984486_oHello again and welcome back to Turn Me On. As always, I’m your host, Morgan Cole… Today, I’m especially thrilled to have as my guest someone who has truly changed my life. In fact, if it weren’t for her, I would have never met my husband and be the person I am today.

She is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over 40 contemporary, erotic, paranormal, and historical romances. RT Book Club has nominated her for a career achievement award in erotic romance and twice nominated her for Best Erotic Romance of the year, as well as awarding her several Top Picks, and a KISS Hero Award. She’s received or been nominated for The Passionate Plume, The Holt Medallion, Colorado Romance Writers Award of Excellence, and the National Reader’s Choice Awards. Her books have been translated into at least a dozen languages. Her series include Doomsday Brethren, Wicked Lovers, Masters of Ménage with Lexi Blake, and Doms of Her Life with Jenna Jacob and Isabella LaPearl.

Her latest novella, “Forever Wicked”, part of “1,001 Dark Nights,” a collection of novellas featuring 12 best-selling authors, is the long-awaited story of fan-favorites Jason and Greta.  I owe her so much and I am so honored to have her with me today. Please help me welcome Shayla Black!

SHAYLA BLACK: Hi, Morgan. Thanks for having me on your show!

Morgan Wicked-Lovers Welcome Shayla! Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to be with me today. Before we get started, I need to thank you again for introducing me to Jack and changing my life. By the way, Brice really loved the birthday gift you sent. Jack and I can’t wait to have you over to see him when you have two minutes to rub together.

SHAYLA: It was my pleasure to introduce you and Jack. He may not be the easiest man to deal with all the time, but you have to admit that he’s not boring. LOL! Brice is getting really big. It seems like you two are enjoying him. Maybe you’ll have more surprises on the way in the near future…

Morgan: Well, I can honestly say that the word boring would be the last one I would use to describe our lives, especially since Brice went mobile… and can you just imagine Jack with a little red-haired daughter? *they both laugh* Shayla, our viewers may not know this, but we have a lot in common. We both grew up in L.A. and we both avoid cooking whenever possible.

SHAYLA: That’s absolutely true. While I’ve moved away from L.A., I still think of it fondly. And cooking… I can do it if put on the spot, but it isn’t one of those things I enjoy. At all.

Morgan: I can certainly relate to that. Well, before we begin, I’d like to start with a little background for our viewers. I know you were not a reader growing up, until college. When you first began writing, it was historical romance under the name Shelley Bradley. You wrote nine books, then took a year and a half off, and, when you returned, you moved on to erotic romance, beginning with “Bound and Determined.” When you wrote “Wicked Ties,” you took on the pseudonym Shayla Black, to differentiate yourself from your former audience, who’d come to associate you with the historical genre. Can you tell us a little about that?

FW_1001 Dark Nights_Shayla Black_300dpiSHAYLA: That’s true. The shift from steamy historical to sexy contemporary romance wasn’t something my readers at the time were prepared for. This happened before social media, so my ability to let people know about the change was limited. It was easier at the time to simply change names, especially because I wasn’t sure at the time if I was ready to set historicals aside long-term. After I wrote a few contemporaries, however, I was hooked and wanted to write bunches

Morgan: And I know I speak for our viewers when I say that we’re so happy that you’ve done, and continue to do that. You’ve described yourself as “offbeat” and “in your head.” So, tell us, what was it that attracted you to the erotic romance genre; specifically, BDSM and military men, which seem to be a favorite

SHAYLA: Erotic and BDSM because I wanted a vehicle I could use to both help reveal characters and their psyches, as well as offer the reader sex that went beyond the body and delved into the mind. The gamut of emotions to write about in this genre is almost endless, and if I step outside myself and put on my “character hat,” I can think of a thousand ways to interpret and tell new stories in this genre.The military men are a nod to my grandfather and my great-uncles. I grew up listening to them tell war stories. Their offspring, while not military, were all very alpha. And they’re a riot when they’re all together. I’ve drawn a lot of inspiration from my big family in many capacities over the years.

Morgan: That’s so interesting. You know, until Jack, and our failed “vanilla experiment,” I had never realized what a huge part the mind plays in the sexual experience. Your books have played such an important role in that journey of self-discovery for so many. What do YOU think it is about your books—especially the Wicked Lovers series—that appeals to readers?

SHAYLA: I hope it’s the emotion. That’s actually why I write them. As I plot, I’m not thinking about how to make the book as hot as possible. I’m always looking for the ways to wring maximum emotion out of these characters and their story. Each is deeply personal to me for one reason or another.

Morgan: I’ve noticed that you seem to revel in your characters’ imperfections, which are often the qualities which most endear them to the reader and to the object of their affection. Your characters are so multi-dimensional and full of issues that need resolving. What’s your inspiration when creating a character? Are any of them based on people you know?

SHAYLA: I see characters the way I see people. I’m fascinated by folks, so I’m always trying to figure them out. When I interpret their motivations or hear news stories about interesting people or pretty much come into any human contact, I get ideas. Most won’t ever actually become a story. And I don’t ever use whole people I know, but I use bits and parts of friends, family, and acquaintances. Sometimes, even strangers who think I’m not paying attention to them.

Morgan: You’ve said that you like to write to give the characters what they need to be happy, whatever that may look like. Do you ever think about your characters after their books are finished and you’ve moved on? Do you wonder what they’re up to; what they’re doing on Saturday night?

SHAYLA: I don’t wonder, actually. I kind of know—not minute by minute. But I get snapshots. For instance, during “Theirs To Cherish,” I had a very clear picture of Logan and Tara’s evening a couple of years after their “I do,” which I share in the book. When I finished “Theirs To Cherish,” I had a vivid image of Sean, Callie, and Thorpe’s lives over the next few months, and some of it dovetails into book 9, “His To Take,” which releases in February 2015. So everyone will get to read that. In fact, I see a little bit of all the characters at the end of any given book. I love getting a peek into their futures, and it’s the reason I include updates as I can. Readers have said they enjoy them, too.

Morgan: Oh, I know we do! Are there any characters you’ve created who you truly dislike?

SHAYLA: Totally. The first one who springs to mind is Mathias from the Doomsday Brethren. Nothing about him was redeemable. But he was totally fascinating to write. The time I spent in his head was scary.

Morgan: You’ve said you often get your inspiration while driving or in the shower, and I know you are most definitely inspired by music. How is it that you can write while music with lyrics is playing while the rest of us can barely walk and chew gum at the same time?

SHAYLA: After a while, the lyrics simply become the background for me. I might start out singing along in my head, but once I start writing, that all just floats away. I’m really left with the mood and tone of the song, which is what I love. In the right circumstances, it will help me really focus on the intensity of a scene.

Morgan: This is book 7.75 in the Wicked Lovers Series, figuring in novellas. What do you envision for the future of the series?

SHAYLA: I can’t say too, too much, but when readers finish “Theirs To Cherish,” which comes out March 4, you’ll see I’ve got a new path to pursue, should I choose to. I’m able to bring some new characters surrounding that. You’ll also see stories about Joaquin (Kata’s brother), Axel (Dominion security), and some of the other folks I’ve just been waiting to get to. I even have a plan for Sweet Pea (Dominion’s receptionist/helper).

Morgan: I’m so excited to read them! So Shayla, what do you wish people knew about you or your writing that no one’s ever asked?

WickedTies-cvrSHAYLAI’m not asked about the themes of the books very often, but for me they’re the reason I chose to write a story the way I did. Whether I’m saying something about self-acceptance (“Wicked Ties”), not judging a book by its cover (“Delicious”), overcoming your fears (“Decadent”, “Surrender To Me”, “Ours To Love”), second chances (“Belong To Me”, “Mine To Hold”, “Forever Wicked”), or overcoming your past to embrace a new path (“Theirs To Cherish”), I’m trying to convey something deeper than sex.

Morgan: I love that answer, and I think we, as readers, can see that and relate to those themes, each in our own way. What do you feel is most misunderstood about you?

SHAYLA: At the end of the day, I come across as a pretty normal wife and mother. Most people who live around me and come into contact with me on a non-writing basis have no idea who I am or what I do. I work hard. I play hard. I’m always dreaming up something to put in a book, but if you saw me around the grocery store, you’d never guess.

Morgan: What would you like to tell us about “Forever Wicked”? I’m sure everyone’s Kindle is primed for the download, but feel free to tease us.

SHAYLA: I’ve been giving lots of teasers on my page (https://www.facebook.com/ShaylaBlackAuthor), but I’ll also be posting a juicy excerpt on my website the night before the release. When I finished, I had a dear friend kind enough to read it aloud to me. Two others were in the room. There might have been a few tears at the end. For me, that feels like mission accomplished.

Morgan: Well, since I’ve been known to cry at Hallmark commercials, I’ll be sure to have my box of tissues ready. Okay Shayla, it’s time for THREE QUESTIONS. The rules are, I ask you three questions and you have to answer each in no more than one sentence. You can use as few as one word, but no more than one sentence. Question 1: The name of this show is Turn Me On. What turns YOU on?

SHAYLA: I love balmy weather, days with friends and family, good music, cupcakes, brain teasers, having a great idea for a book, and time away from the chaos with my hubby.

Morgan: Question 2: WHO turns you on?

SHAYLA: My answer is not so much a WHO, but a WHAT. I’m deeply attracted to very smart people who love life. If we’re talking strictly physical…well, a wide set of muscled shoulders and green eyes helps.

Morgan: Question 3: What’s the one thing you’ve never done, but would like to try?

SHAYLA: I don’t hesitate often to do something I’ve been wanting to. I gave up a corporate job to dive head first into writing, I’ve traveled, and I’ve even tackled a whole lot of home remodeling lately. I have a crazier side, but we won’t go there. I have, however, always been a little hesitant to get in a helicopter. I have a book signing in New York City in March, and my husband is determined that we should take a chopper tour of the city. So…I guess I’m going. Now in all fairness, he’s introduced me to some of my favorite cuisines, even if I tasted them kicking and screaming, so this will probably be awesome.

Morgan: Shayla Black, it has been such a pleasure to visit with you today, and I have a feeling the internet is going to be a quieter place tomorrow, as we’ll all be busy reading Jason and Greta’s story in “Forever Wicked,” and waiting with bated breath for Sean, Callie, and Thorpe’s in “Theirs to Cherish,” on March 4. Thank you again Shayla, and thank you to my loyal viewers.Until next time, I’m Morgan Cole, reminding you all to be true to yourselves in your search for what turns YOU on!

Prize Winners and my Birthday Bash…a Day Late

Thanks to all who participated in the reader contest that Lexi Blake and I threw over the weekend. The winner of the $100 gift certificate to the online bookstore of her choice is Robin Miller! And the winner of the Kindle Fire is Denise Fluhr.  Chloe Vale will be contacting you both today to coordinate your prize delivery. Hope you’re excited!

happy-birthday-words-with-decorations-on-whiteNow onto the details of my birthday bash… I’m going to be giving away loads of stuff. Copies of books I’ve loved and hoarded. I’ve divided it up into 5 prize packages…

1) Contemporary series romance – 12 titles of series contemporary romances (mostly Harlequin Blaze). I’ll be throwing in a signed copy of my own sexy series-length contemporary romance, Naughty Little Secret.

2) Paranormal romance bundle 1 – 11 various paranormal romances by some favorite authors. I’ll give away a signed copy of Tempt Me With Darkness (Doomsday Brethren 1) with this bundle.

3) Paranormal romance bundle 2 – 10 assorted paranormal romances by some awesome authors. I’ll give away a signed copy of Possess Me At Midnight (Doomsday Brethren 3) with this bundle.

4) Contemporary and erotic romance – 15 hot titles from fab authors writing the sexy stuff. With this prize, I’ll toss in a signed copy of Wicked Ties.

5) Historical romance – Be swept back in time with 9 titles from authors who write about yesteryear. With this prize, I’ll give away a signed copy of One Wicked Night.

To play, comment on any December or January blog EXCEPT THIS ONE. If you’ve already commented, you’re entered. For more chances to win, comment on every blog I’ve posted in December and January. Winners will be chosen on Monday, February 4. Good luck!!

*due to the weight of the prizes, mailings to US only please. Sorry!