Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: I can’t find any of your latest Wicked Lovers books available as an eBook outside North America. Where can I buy one?

Answer: My publisher, Penguin, and I have amended my previous contracts to allow them rights to digitally distribute the Wicked Lovers titles in the English language in those countries immediately upon U.S. release.

Question: Why can’t I find some of your upcoming works available for pre-order yet?

Answer: Works through a traditional publisher are typically uploaded to all the online bookstores 4-6 months in advance. My self-published new and re-released titles may be available to pre-order from Amazon and/or iBooks, but most outlets won’t have a way to order the book until the day of release. At this point, the majority of the stores’ systems don’t accommodate self-published pre-orders. For these titles, once the links go live, I’ll list them on my website, Facebook, and Twitter.

Question: Is your book available in Kindle/Sony/Nook/Print/Other format?

Answer: If I am aware of a book being available in any particular format/distributer, I do my best to link it from my site for easy access. If it’s not there, it’s because I haven’t found it/been made aware of it.

Question: Will you be writing more Wicked Lovers novels?

Answer: Yes! The next full-length Wicked Lovers book will be His to Take, scheduled to release March 3, 2015. There are more titles planned all the way into 2017. Stay tuned for details!

Question: When will Fated be released in print?

Answer: Probably never. Its short length would make a print volume cost prohibitive for me to produce and for you to purchase. It’s short enough for most to read on a computer via PDF. If you really prefer to read things in print, I’ve talked to some readers who have printed the story out at home.

Q: Will you be writing more Doomsday Brethren books after Embrace Me At Dawn?

Answer: I hope to release another one someday. Besides my schedule being VERY full, I was unable to obtain the rights back to the original five books in the series from the publisher, which nixed my plans to reissue them (with all the sex and other deleted scenes they’d removed) and continue the series. If that changes, then I’ll do everything to work one into my calendar because I miss these characters too. Rest assured, I’ve heard from MANY of you who want to know what’s going to happen with Bram and his mysterious Emma. And of course, lots of people ask for an update on the big guy, Shock. I’m hoping this situation resolves itself soon. I’ll keep everyone advised if there’s any progress.

QuestionWhy so long between books in any given series?

Answer: Writing and editing a book is a time-consuming process. Juggling more than one series is a delicate balance, and I try my best to release both something in every series as often as I can. I promise I’m hard at work to give readers the next adventure as soon as possible!

Question: Will you ever write historical romances again?

Answer: I’ve re-released my out-of-print historical titles ONE WICKED NIGHT, STRICTLY SEDUCTION, and STRICTLY FORBIDDEN in both print and electronic formats. My medieval series, Brothers in Arms, HIS LADY BRIDE. HIS STOLEN BRIDE, and HIS REBEL BRIDE are also available. THE LADY AND THE DRAGON will be available again come November. That’s all the previously published historical romances I plan to reissue. As for writing new original historicals, that’s not in my plan currently, but I’ll never say never. Maybe a novella for Darius someday.

Question: I watched the book video for Decadent and I love that song. Who sings it?

Answer: I don’t know who sings it, but a man named Dan Gautreau is the composer. I love the song too!