Shayla welcomes Jenna Jacob!!

Master of My MindShayla Black: Hello Jenna!! Welcome to Whispers!!

Jenna Jacob: Thank you so much for inviting me here today, Shayla. I’m super stoked and deeply honored!

SB: Jenna, for readers who don’t know, tell us a bit about the Doms of Genesis series.

JJ:  I’d LOVE to!!

The Doms of Genesis is a series of BDSM erotic romance novels featuring a wide variety of Dominants and submissives from the fictional BDSM club, Genesis.

Embracing My Submission is the first book, introducing Mika; Owner of Genesis – a Dom haunted by his past, and Julianna; a frustrated submissive on a quest to find the Dom of her dreams. Unsuspecting her bad ass Alpha Dom has been at the club all along, fate throws them together but a gunshot splits the night and Julianna is left to wonder if her chance at happiness will be ripped from her grasp.

Masters of My Desire is book number two. It’s a steamy ménage between Dylan, Nick and Savannah. The two seasoned Dominants dedicate a week, at a secluded Bed & Breakfast, to teach the joys of submission to the shy and inexperienced Savannah. But a week proves far too short once they’ve crawled inside her body, heart and soul.

Master of My Mind is the latest release in the Doms of Genesis series, but definitely not the last. After Leagh’s life is shattered, Tony—the resident sadist and shrink of the club—helps her pick up the pieces again. Tony and Leagh soon discover someone is trying to kill her. Is it the monster from her past or her recently deceased Master’s heirs? Protecting her at all costs, Tony pries her open and introduces her to the real meaning of submission.  

Each story takes the reader on an emotional rollercoaster ride. The sex is raw, the passion scorching, and the struggle each Dom and sub endures is both powerful, and necessary… not only to find their BDSM fulfillment, but their happily ever after as well.

SB: How is Tony and Leagh’s story different than the other Doms of Genesis books?

JJ: I think “Master of My Mind” is more of an emotional roller coaster ride than the previous books in “The Doms of Genesis” series. I bawled like a baby and found myself laughing out loud while writing it.

SB: Tells us a little about Leagh Bennett.

JJ: Leagh’s life has been like a bad EKG. She’s a tough cookie, but fate seems to keep her in its crosshairs… continually dumping more and more on her tender shoulders. She’s got a lot of moxie and while it’s helped her survive, it has also gained her the reputation of “brat” at Club Genesis… until Tony comes along.

SB: Tony… Any thoughts you want to share about him?

JJ: ~Whimper~ Oh, oops, sorry! Ah-hmmm. Tony’s yummy!! Not only is he drop dead gorgeous, he’s also got the patience of a Saint – well most times – and possesses virtues that make a good Dom.

SB: What is one thing your readers may not know about you?

JJ: I’m a natural born smart-ass. (I can hear you laughing, Shayla!!) And while it sometimes gets me into trouble, it’s never malicious or at someone else’s expense. I’m staunchly protective of my family and friends, and I love to laugh. Above all I try to never take life too seriously. We’re only here for the blink of an eye; have FUN with it! Sorry, that’s more than one thing…. I tend to ramble, a LOT. (And there goes Shayla… laughing again!!) *Snort*

SB: Would you be so kind to share with us a snippet of Master of My Mind?

JJ: I would ~love~ to. This is one of my favorite scenes in the book. Leagh is hiding in the shadows at Genesis, watching Tony. She’s fragile and confused and questioning her submission. I hope you enjoy.

The recoil of a whip sent a shiver up my spine. Glancing toward the sound, I instantly wished that I hadn’t. The powerfully built Dom had his back to me, but it made no difference. I knew by the decadent muscles and colorful tattoos it was Tony. He stood behind a sub secured to a spanking bench, gripping a black and red plaited whip in his wide fist. Shirtless, his black leather pants hugged his tight ass and sturdy legs. His defined shoulders bunched and flexed beneath his bronzed flesh and his colorful tattoos rippled. I clenched my hands, itching to feel his tempting hard flesh again. I licked my lips and remembered the taste of his kiss.

As if sensing my presence, Tony turned. As his gaze locked with mine, I could almost feel him caress my skin. Feel the same stirring heat his fingers evoked as they plucked and pinched my nipples. The buds drew tight against my tee and tingled with the memory.

His mouth fluttered with a slight smile as my cheeks grew hot. Severing the connection, he turned his attention back to the sub bent over the spanking bench. Tony smoothed one broad hand over her pale skin. Jealousy pricked my heart. Glancing at the long blonde tresses shrouding the subs face, I knew Destiny—the lucky little bitch—had finally arranged her session with Tony. As he stepped back, I couldn’t take my eyes off him… couldn’t force myself to look away even as envy coursed angrily through my veins.

I stared in fascination as his whip found its mark, time and again. Commanding and confident, Tony worked the sub. His shoulders widened; his chest expanded. I watched him drink in her cries of pain as if they were welcome nourishment. Red angry welts crisscrossed Destiny’s backside. Still, Tony didn’t stop. He landed the single tail’s popper with succinct and measured lashes. I cringed and searched deep for a sliver of any untapped longings within that called to his type of extreme play. No matter how hard I searched my fantasies, I couldn’t find a hint of desire close to the level he required. And still I stood mesmerized, watching.

The sensual sway of his body, the honed roll of his shoulder, and the quick flick of his wrist was an art form all its own. His focus, keen on the sub, never wavered. It was clear to see. His whip was an extension of his heart… his soul. The sadist’s pleasure was a sharp, wicked blade, and Tony walked the narrow edge with relentless precision. The intensity of his desire was a formidable mountain. Each lash commanded the girl to climb higher as he guided her through angry welts and imposing pain—persuading her ascent to the peak, absorbing her tears and screams, he fed his dominance.

Tony was poetry in motion, his command powerful and unyielding. Compared to Destiny, my submission was useless…weak. My heart grew heavy realizing that if given a chance to submit to Tony, I had nothing substantial to offer. I would simply slide through his sturdy fingers like sand.

Tony set the whip down, squatted next to Destiny, and gently brushed the hair from her face. Tears streamed from beneath her closed eyelids. Tony leaned in and sipped the moisture from her cheeks between his lips with tender reverence. The comfort he now showed Destiny wasn’t at all different from what he’d granted me. The realization I was just another sub in need of Tony’s compassion sucked the air from my lungs. I was nothing more than a Dominant obligation to him. And while I shouldn’t have allowed it to hurt…it did.

Hot tears slid down my face, yet I couldn’t stop watching his every move. Tony released the sub from the bench, wrapped her in a blanket, and lifted her into his arms. Lowering his mouth to her ear, he whispered, probably in the same whiskey smooth voice that made my pussy weep.

Betrayal stabbed deep. A voice screamed inside my head that my behavior with Tony had come full circle, and this was my comeuppance. Karma was indeed a hateful bitch.

Tony pressed a kiss to the sub’s forehead, awarding the same affection he’d given me. The tender act set my stomach swirling and my body quaking. Somehow I’d twisted myself into believing I was someone special in his eyes. How could I have been so damn naïve?

With Destiny’s limp body clutched to his chest, Tony turned toward me. Spying my tears, his brows furrowed as a puzzled look lined his features. And when he began walking toward me, I realized he would have to pass by me to take Destiny to his private room. He’d lay her in his bed and climb in next to her and drown the woman in sublime aftercare…maybe even make love to her. Tony would willingly give her all the things I’d stupidly let swim in my head and touch my heart.

I didn’t want to pass him and head to the bar, so I turned away as he approached, swiping off my tears, before casting my gaze to the floor. I didn’t want Tony to see the sophomoric hurt I’d inflicted upon myself. When I felt his presence behind me, it was like a fucking disturbance in the force. I closed my eyes for a half second, calling myself a zillion kinds of fool as Tony stopped alongside me.

“What’s wrong, angel?”

What’s wrong? You. Her. My whole fucking life!

“Nothing,” I mumbled.

I felt his stare bore into the side of my face, like a damn laser beam. I kept my gaze pinned to the floor and slid my trembling hands behind my back.

“Why are you standing in the hall crying, sweetheart?”

Sweetheart? I’m not your sweetheart… I’m the brat! Remember?

“I accidently locked myself out. I was on my way to get a key from Sammie.”

“Mistress Sammie, you mean.”

“Yes, Sir.” And, dammit, why was I allowing him to correct me? He wasn’t my Dom. He wasn’t my Mentor. He meant nothing to me, and I damn well didn’t matter to him. A fact I needed to start hammering into my head then and there. “Have a good night, Sir.” I replied in a curt and icy tone. Turning on my heel, I marched to the bar.


SB: What else are you cooking up for this year with Doms of Genesis?

JJ: Saving My Submission is book four in the series. It’s a soft, sensual story about Savannah’s sister, Mellie, and world renowned sculptor, Joshua Lars (known to the readers and club members by another but familiar name). After a devastating break up with her Master, Mellie turns her back on the lifestyle and walks away. But Joshua can see the submissive hidden within and makes it his mission to unlock the stunning sub – even if another Dom has set his sights on Mellie.

 I’m also tossing around the idea of writing a Novella about the strict but lovable Daddy Dom, Drake and his hilarious, sassy, no-filter submissive; Trevor.

SB: Tell readers what’s up with the Doms of Her Life series.

JJ: The Bold and The Dominant is the third in The Doms of Her Life series, and boy-oh-boy is it going to be a nail biter. After Hammer, Liam and Raine finally worked through their issues and spent an explosive night tangling in the sheets, Liam receives a call from his ex-wife, Gwyneth. She’s back and what she wants threatens to turn the trio’s world upside down.

SB: Jenna, where can readers find you on the web and via social media?

JJ: They can contact me via email

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Their Virgin Secretary is Available Today!!!

“I want strings… I want to be tangled up in all her strings.”

Cover-Faces-5Their Virgin Secretary

Masters of Ménage, Book 6

Three determined bosses…

Tate Baxter, Eric Cohen, and Kellan Kent are partners for one of the most respected law practices in Chicago. But these three masters of the courtroom also share a partnership i

n the bedroom, fulfilling the darkest needs of their female submissives night after night. Everything was fine—until they hired Annabelle Wright as their administrative assistant.

One beautiful secretary…

Belle felt sure she’d hit the jackpot with her job, but in the last year, the three gorgeous attorneys have become far more than her bosses. They’re her friends, her protectors, and in Belle’s dreams, they’re her lovers, too. But she’s given her heart to them all, so how can she choose just one?

An unforgettable night…

When her bosses escort her to a wedding, drinks and dancing turn into foreplay and fantasy. Between heated kisses, Belle admits her innocence. Surprise becomes contention and tempers flare. Heartbroken and unwilling to drive them apart, Belle leaves the firm and flees to New Orleans.

That leads to danger.

Resolved to restore her late grandmother’s home, she hopes she can move on without the men. Then Kellan, Tate, and Eric show up at her doorstep, seeking another chance. But something sinister is at work in the Crescent City and its sights are set on her. Before the trio can claim Annabelle for good, they just might have to save her life.

TheirVirginSecretary_highresBuy Links:


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Nice Girls Reading Naughty Books

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1,001 Dark Nights presents A Scanguards Wedding by Tina Folsom

A vampire will risk everything to marry the woman he loves.

April2014 Tina FolsomSilent Bite

A Scanguards Wedding
(A Scanguards Vampire Novella)

by Tina Folsom

Newbie vampire Oliver and Ursula, the woman he saved from a blood brothel, are finally tying the knot. But with Ursula’s old fashioned Chinese parents arriving in town for the traditional wedding, chaos soon breaks out—with Oliver always one step away from accidentally revealing to his soon-to-be in-laws that he and his extended Scanguards family are vampires.

And midst all the chaos and confusion, a stalker lurks and threatens to tear Ursula and Oliver apart before they can blood-bond.

Buy The Book:


Amazon UK
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Amazon AU


Tina Folsom was born in Germany and has been living in English speaking countries for over 20 years, the last 11 of them in San Francisco, where she’s married to an American.

Tina has always been a bit of a globe trotter: after living in Lausanne, Switzerland, she briefly worked on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean, then lived a year in Munich, before moving to London. There, she became an accountant. But after 8 years she decided to move overseas.

In New York she studied drama at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, then moved to Los Angeles a year later to pursue studies in screenwriting. This is also where she met her husband, who she followed to San Francisco three months after first meeting him.

In San Francisco, Tina worked as a tax accountant and even opened her own firm, then went into real estate, however, she missed writing. In 2008 she wrote her first romance and never looked back.

She’s always loved vampires and decided that vampire and paranormal romance was her calling. She now has 15 novels in English and several in other languages (Spanish, German, and French) and continues to write, as well as have her existing novels translated.

Visit Tina Folsom’s website and follow her on:



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Their Virgin Concubine is only 99¢, for a limited time!

TheirVirginSecretary_highresBeen wanting to try the Masters of Menage series? Lexi Blake and I have priced Their Virgin Concubine at 99¢ for a limited time!


The country of Bezakistan – renowned for its wealth and the beauty of its deserts

Piper Glen is thrilled when Rafe and Kade al Mussad ask her to visit their country on a business trip. Madly attracted to both, the virginal secretary knows that neither of her intensely handsome bosses desires her. But every night she dreams of having them both in her bed, fulfilling her every need.

Rafe and Kade have finally found the perfect woman in Piper. Sweet and funny. Intelligent and strong. Before they can reveal their feelings, the brothers must fulfill an ancient tradition. Every sheikh must steal his bride and share her with his brothers. They have thirty days to convince Piper to love them all forever.

The country of Bezakistan – notorious for its danger…

Sheikh Talib al Mussad knows his villainous cousin seeks to take his throne. If Talib and his brothers fail to convince the beautiful Piper to love them, all will be lost. After meeting Piper, he knows he would risk everything to possess her heart.

Khalil al Bashir has long coveted his cousin’s rule. Without a bride to seal their birthright, his every wish will come true. If Piper falls for them, he will lose everything but Piper can’t love them if she’s dead…


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TRR March 2014

1,001 Dark Nights presents Captured in Surrender by Liliana Hart

A bounty hunter with an attitude and a warrant out for her arrest gets tracked down by the sexy deputy who puts his wits — and cuffs — to good use to convince her true love really does exist.

March2014 Liliana HartCaptured In Surrender

(A MacKenzie Family Novella)

by Liliana Hart

Bounty Hunter Naya Blade never thought she’d step foot in Surrender, Montana again. Especially since there was a warrant out for her arrest. But when her skip ends up in the normally peaceful town, she has no choice but to go after him to claim her reward. Even at the cost of running into the cop that makes her blood run hot and her sense of self-preservation run cold.

Deputy Lane Greyson wants to see Naya in handcuffs, but he’d much prefer them attached to his bed instead of in a cold jail cell. She drove him crazy once before and then drove right out of town, leaving havoc in her wake. He’s determined to help her hunt down the bad guy so he can claim his own bounty—her.


Liliana Hart Bio PicLiliana Hart is a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author in both the mystery and romance genres. After starting her first novel her freshman year of college, she immediately became addicted to writing and knew she’d found what she was meant to do with her life. She has no idea why she majored in music.

Liliana is an avid reader and a believer in all things romance. Her books are filled with witty dialogue, steamy sex, and the all-important happily-ever-afters her romantic soul craves. Since self-publishing in June of 2011, she’s sold more than 1.2 million ebooks all over the world.

Visit Liliana Hart’s website and follow her on:


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Amazon UK
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Amazon AU


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Theirs to Cherish Release Week: Day 5… TORN

Excerpt-5Last day of the special excerpts for Theirs to Cherish (Wicked Lovers 8), which is now available! This week, I’ve featured a series of excerpts from the book just to entice you. Thank you for checking in all week and commenting for your chance at the daily prize!! Thanks also for entering the giveaway below. Very soon one lucky winner who’s entered will be drawn. That lucky person will when the very first, hot-off-the-press print version of Their Virgin Secretary! Good luck!


After managing to separate Callie from Sean, Thorpe talks to her alone. Will the feelings simmering between them draw them together, will Sean come between them, or will she slip away from them both for good?


Callie paced in her little red robe, her manic gait taking her from one side of the room to the other. Goddamn it, she wasn’t wearing a bra. He’d bet she hadn’t bothered with panties, either.

Most notably, she’d stripped off her collar and was clutching it in a tight grasp. His heart stuttered. Was she removing it for good?

As Thorpe cleared his throat, he tamped down encroaching relief and told himself to take things one step at a time.

She turned to spear him with a resolute stare. “You said you wanted to know when I’m leaving. It’s now. I quit.”


 CALLIE stared at Thorpe. He had almost no reaction to her words.

Gee, it would have been nice if you’d given a shit. Then she squashed the thought. It wasn’t his fault that she cared far more about him than he did for her. She’d known for years that Thorpe had the power to yank her heart out of her chest and crush it beneath his very expensive Salvatore Ferragamo loafers. It sucked that she’d been stupid enough to let him.

Even though she cared deeply for Sean and—if she could believe his passionate declaration—he loved her, that didn’t mitigate her attachment to Dominion’s owner. She’d always been a little screwed up. This just proved it.

Thorpe wandered farther into the room and sat on the edge of the bed. “I appreciate the notice, but I need a bit longer than ten minutes to replace you, pet.”

“Sorry.” She tossed her hair over her shoulder and stared out the dark window. He was far too beautiful to look at. “You’ll find someone else soon. You won’t miss me.”

“You have no idea how I’ll feel. Sit down, Callie.”

His tone told her that no wasn’t an acceptable answer. Damn it, he intended to interrogate her about Sean. Callie couldn’t take it now. Leaving them both was hard enough . . .

She fought down panic and turned back to him. “I can’t. I have to get away.”

“Not yet.” He pointed to a spot on the bed right beside him and didn’t say a word until she flopped down. “Good. Sean knows I’ve come and that I intend to understand what happened tonight. Tell me everything.”

If Thorpe was here with Sean’s blessing, she wasn’t going to worm out of this conversation, damn it.

As she set Sean’s collar down on her nightstand, Callie mentally sorted through everything she could tell him. He must know that she had feelings for her Sir. More feelings than she was comfortable with. Thorpe missed very little, so he was no doubt aware that Sean had never taken her past her limits, ignored her safe word, or acted in any way out of line. Besides, if she was going to skip out on Thorpe after he’d kept a roof over her and ensured her safety for four years, she owed him more than a flat-out lie.

Wringing her hands, she forced herself to meet his intent gray gaze and confessed something else that had been niggling in the back of her brain. “Something is . . . off about him.”

That clearly piqued Thorpe’s interest. “In what way?”

Callie tapped her toes. She had to express her concerns about Sean without giving her past away. Putting Thorpe in the terrible position of  harboring a known fugitive wasn’t how she wanted to repay his kindness.

“He asks a lot of questions. I don’t like them.”

Thorpe sent her a wry smile. “If it’s about your limits, that’s to be expected. Pet, he’s a Dom. It’s his job to get in your head. Frankly, you need some untangling. You might find it uncomfortable—”

“He doesn’t need to know how many brothers and sisters I have, the name of my first pet, if I ever took special trips as a child . . . He seems really focused on things that shouldn’t matter if all he wants is a sub in a club.”

It was nothing Thorpe did or any change in his expression, but Callie had the distinct impression that he was enraged. “Has he always behaved this way with you?”


“You should have told me the first time,” Thorpe scolded.

“It’s not your problem.”

That only made him more forbidding. “You’re always my concern, Callie.”

The possession in his voice excited her more than she wanted to admit. “Well, I’m telling you now. What he wants to know seems weird.”

“I agree.”

“Just like it’s weird that he walked into Dominion and immediately had some sort of hard-on for me.”

“That’s not weird. That makes him a man.”

She rolled her eyes. “There are plenty of other subs here.”

“None of them are you.”

Damn it, sometimes Thorpe could—after weeks of being a giant pain in her ass—say the nicest things. She teared up. Gawd, she was really going to miss him.

“But . . .” he went on. “I don’t like the questions he’s asking you, either. I don’t see how they’re relevant to helping you down your submissive path.”

“Exactly. The other thing is . . . In almost every other way, he’s too good to be true.”

theirs to cherish_front mech.inddThorpe regarded her intently. “Do you think he’s a player?”

“No.” But something wasn’t quite right. “I’m not sure what to make of him, though.”

Because if Sean was a cop, a bounty hunter, or an assassin, wouldn’t he have either dragged her in or done her in by now?

“What did he say to you tonight that made you want to run away from him?”

Oh. Ouch. Yeah, she needed to remember that Thorpe never hesitated to go for the jugular.

“Nothing he meant to be threatening or scary.”

“Good to know. Be more specific.” Thorpe’s tone sharpened.

“It’s . . . personal.”

“Dodging my question isn’t an option, pet.” That warning note in his voice made her shiver. “I’d rather not see you leave over whatever drivel he spewed. Tell me. Maybe I can fix the situation.”

It was embarrassing enough that he’d probably seen her and Sean having sex. He’d been so close, he couldn’t have missed their climatic finish. “You didn’t hear?”

“Callie, I’m not getting through to you, so let me be plain. You will tell me now or I will paddle your pretty little ass.”

“You can’t do that!”

His smile contradicted her. “I’ve informed Sean that it’s a distinct possibility. Besides, you’ve taken off his collar. If you think he’s being less than honest, you don’t intend to put it back on, do you?”

“Why would I? I already told you, I’m leaving.”

“Not until I know why.”

She jumped to her feet, gaping at him. “You’d keep me here against my will?”

Thorpe crossed an ankle over his knee and brushed an imaginary thread from his trousers. “Your tone suggests I should be uncomfortable with that idea. Until you’re honest with me, I assure you I’m not. Furthermore, if Kirkpatrick is troubling you, he’s nothing I can’t handle. Am I clear?”

Callie blinked at him, processing everything he’d delivered in that low, almost relaxed voice. She wasn’t fooled. Under his urbane, oh so cultured façade beat the heart of a predator. She’d seen him take rivals apart both mentally and physically. Thorpe wasn’t someone a sane person crossed.

Callie weighed her words carefully. “Sean made me realize I’m not cut out for a Dom/sub relationship.”

“Really, pet?”

She sidestepped his question. “And I’m a little bored with Dallas. Los Angeles is calling my name. Every time Xander comes by and talks about his trips to the city, it sounds fabulous. It’s just time to move on.”

Thorpe said nothing for a long moment. He simply stood and towered over her, that charcoal stare boring into her. “There will be consequences for anything less than totally honesty, so think carefully, Callie. Would you like to recant or amend your statement in any way?”

Shit. Thorpe knew something. Or everything. Had he heard Sean’s declaration of love?

She tossed her head back and thrust her hands on her hips. This was going to be ugly no matter what. Might as well go for broke. “Butt out and stop acting like you’re my father.”

He stilled. “That’s one role I will never fill, but I have no problem putting you in your place.”

Callie didn’t even have a moment to wonder what his silky vow meant before he hauled her into his arms and dragged her, kicking and screaming, back to her bed. He sat, wrangling her with embarrassing ease, then spread his long legs and laid her over his lap, face down.

“You are not going to spank me!” she insisted.

Thorpe didn’t hesitate for an instant. “I am. I told you there would be consequences. You should know I always keep up my end of a bargain.

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Theirs to Cherish Release Week: Day 4… PASSION

Excerpt-4If you’ve been following me all week, you know I’m featuring a series of excerpts from Theirs to Cherish (Wicked Lovers 8), which is available now! Check back every day for something new – and a prize at the end of the week for one lucky winner who’s entered the giveaway below. What’s at stake? The very first, hot-off-the-press print version of Their Virgin Secretary a few precious days before the April 15 release! There’s also a special something for one blog commenter chosen at random from the comments about the excerpt below. I’ll choose a new winner for that contest every day this week!


Callie and Sean as they share passion for the first time—with Thorpe as witness. He knows her better than anyone and has loved her for four long years. He isn’t about to give up or let her go . . . even if he should. Though he prepares to do battle with his new rival, he’s got hang-ups of his own. Is he destined to always be on the outside looking in?


STANDING in the shadows of Dominion’s dungeon, Mitchell Thorpe couldn’t miss the orgasm that wracked Callie’s body, the fact that she screamed another man’s name, or the unabashed way in which she shared herself with that fucking suspicious Scot. As much as he wanted to deny it, the sight and sounds damn near felled Thorpe like a hatchet to the chest.

He’d hoped that insisting on so many restrictions when he’d allowed Sean Kirkpatrick to collar Callie would frustrate the man. That the asshole would leave. Thorpe didn’t trust Kirkpatrick. Something was off about the guy . . . But no matter what he’d done, Sean had proven goddamn single minded when it came to the girl.

Damn it! Thorpe hated the sight of the other man surging deep inside Callie, where he ached to be himself. Clutching the little silk robe he’d retrieved from her room the second he’d realized she meant to let Sean fuck her, he closed his eyes, refusing to watch the bastard come inside her.

The reasons Thorpe could never have Callie were carved into his brain. And even though he’d beaten the dead horse mentally enough to recite the rationale in his sleep, he clenched his jaw and reminded himself again. There would always be fourteen years, two months, and three days’ difference in their ages. Besides, he knew Callie wasn’t likely to stay with him much longer. Forever was out of the question. More important, he could never give her the kind of love she craved and deserved.

Cursing under his breath, he dared to open his eyes and stare at the wild tangle of Callie’s black hair brushing the fair, flushed skin of her back. Desire gnawed at him, biting deep. He’d always believed that by walking away from her that December night two years ago, he could prevent her from breaking his heart. Thorpe didn’t find it comforting to be proven so wrong.

Kirkpatrick shouting out his love for her gouged him in the gut. Hearing the Scot admit his feelings for Callie aloud not only made him jealous as hell, but it proved the man had balls. Thorpe was almost in awe. But Sean obviously didn’t understand her at all. Thorpe had no doubt what Callie’s response to the man’s unexpected declaration would be.

Right on cue, she stiffened and shook her head, then scrambled off his lap. Kirkpatrick stood and tore off his condom, trying to zip up while reaching for her with an expression meant to be gentle and calm.

Thorpe snorted. Wrong approach again.

It didn’t surprise him at all when Callie whirled around, eyes squeezed shut tightly, arms over her breasts, and ran—straight into him.

When she would have stumbled back from their collision, he gripped her shoulders. Thorpe tried not to look at her breasts again. Why tempt himself with what he couldn’t have? She blinked up at him, fear and anguish mixed on her face. Guilt followed.

“Let go,” she begged. “Please.”theirs to cherish_front mech.indd

Those words alone told Thorpe how raw Kirkpatrick had scraped Callie. Normally, she’d try all kinds of foot stomping, demanding, and plain ol’ manipulation before she resorted to showing her soft, submissive side to anyone. Whatever the man’s game, Thorpe had to give Sean credit for opening her emotions far wider than expected.

Over her shoulders, he eased the robe he’d retrieved in case her second thoughts about having sex with the Scot set in. Nice to see that he still knew her so well.

He sent her a sharp shake of his head. “Not yet, pet.”

Callie shoved her arms through the holes and belted the robe tight, sending him a defiant glare. But tears still lurked under it. The fucking Scot playing with her heart had rattled her. Thorpe hated the asshole for it even more. His need to protect her growled, chomping at the bit to tear the collar from her neck and free her. He couldn’t do that, but he had every intention of having a “chat” with Kirkpatrick.

“Why are your hands on Callie?” Sean demanded. “She’s my sub.”

“You’re under my roof, and she’s obviously upset.”

“Which is why I need to talk to her. She and I should be sorting this out. Alone.”

Normally, he would agree. But he wouldn’t risk Callie by leaving her vulnerable with a man he swore had some hidden agenda. A fraud. Besides, Kirkpatrick didn’t know her like he did and never would. “At Dominion, my word is law. Play by my rules or you’re welcome to leave. Your choice.”

Sean clenched his fists and ignored him, focusing on Callie. “Talk to me, lovely. If I upset you, help me understand why.”

Thorpe felt her stiffen in his grip, then she looked up at him, her gaze imploring. He understood instantly. She’d developed feelings for this man and hated to hurt him. But he also knew that she didn’t dare let him close.

“Callie, go to your room. I’ll be in to see you in a minute.” Thorpe motioned for Zeb, one of the dungeon monitors.

“You can’t send her from me. I didn’t hurt her,” Kirkpatrick protested.

With a shrug, Thorpe blew Sean off and addressed the approaching DM. “Take Callie to her room. No one enters until I say otherwise. And she doesn’t leave.” When Callie gasped, he sent her a knowing look. “Do you have something to say, pet?”

Since she wasn’t about to admit that she’d plotted to flee the club, she remained silent. But he knew it as sure as he knew himself. Kilpatrick hadn’t just plumbed her physically. He’d pried her heart open, and she was preparing to react to that in the only way she knew— by running. Already, she’d mentally packed her bags. Thorpe forced down his panic and reminded himself that as long as she was still here, he could fix the situation. The easiest solution would be to toss the damn Scot out on his ear.

Callie looked ready to grind her teeth as she stomped off. Zeb followed with a grin and a wink.

Thorpe vowed to deal with her little fit of pique as soon as he’d unmasked this fraud and rid him from her life. “My office. Now.”

He didn’t wait to see if Kirkpatrick followed. He’d rather the fucker find the exit and save him the breath. But when he reached his personal domain and rounded his desk, the Scot stood in the portal, all but foaming at the mouth.

Sean slammed the door, enclosing them in a privacy steeped in thick air. “You have no right to separate me from Callie.”

“I’m responsible for the welfare of all the subs under this roof. Until I know why she was running away from you in tears, then yes, I do.”

“That’s a piss-poor excuse. You’re jealous because you want her for your own.”

Thorpe took his time answering, sitting in his leather chair and staring the charlatan down. Idly, he wondered when and how he’d been stupid enough to tip Sean off. Xander had pointed it out, too, a few months ago. Maybe he was getting sloppy.

“I have not laid a single finger on the girl for any reason in nearly two years. So what you believe I want is irrelevant. Let’s talk about what actually happened.”

Sean sat, poised on the edge of his chair as if he’d rather fight. “I restrained and blindfolded her, then I flogged her. She reached a peaceful subspace. Then when she came out, I made love to her. It’s been an emotional night. That’s all.”

Is that what the idiot thought? “That’s not how Callie works. Have you been too busy fucking her to get to know her?”

“You’ve watched me like you’re her bloody keeper, so I suspect you know that’s not true.” Kirkpatrick raised a brow at him. “Just like I suspect you’ve been too busy getting to know her to fuck her.”

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